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Susan B. Anthony
Organize, agitate, educate, must be our war cry.
– Susan B. Anthony

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Season for Nonviolence 2012: February 7
Tuesday, 07 February 2012 00:00
Season for Nonviolence 2012

January 30 – April 4

February 7

Mass meetings of Indians in Johannesburg
fueled their noncooperation campaign

Johannesburg, South Africa – January 1907.
Gandhi tells a meeting of 1,000 Indian immigrants they should now cooperate with the new fingerprinting law. The government has offered to repeal the controversial law if Indians voluntarily submit to it. Leaders of the Indian community feel they should take the government at its word. Most present agree, but there is a notable dissenter. “We have heard that you betrayed the community and sold it to General Smuts for £15,000,” says Mir Alam, the man who would lead the failed assassination attempt on Gandhi several days later. “We will never give the fingerprints nor allow others to do so. I swear with Allah as my witness, that I will kill the man who takes the lead in applying for registration.”

At the meeting, Gandhi responded calmly. “As the principal party responsible for this settlement and as a servant of the community, it is my clear duty to take the lead in giving fingerprints, and I pray to God that He graciously permit me to do so. Death is the appointed end of all life. To die by the hand of a brother, rather than by disease or in some such way, cannot be for me a matter for sorrow. And if even in such a case I am free from the thoughts of anger or hatred against my assailant, I know that that will redound to my eternal welfare, and even the assailant will later on realize my perfect innocence.” Satyagraha in South Africa (Gandhi)

Devoted to continuing the work of Gandhi and King, Auroras Voice invites you to join us in observing the 2012 Season for Nonviolence. Every weekday from January 30 to April 4, we will endeavor to send a brief original message highlighting the words, thoughts, and deeds of Gandhi, King, or one of their peace and justice colleagues.

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